17 What to Look for in a Live Casino

17 One of the best things for players that are looking to indulge in live dealer games is the fact that they are hugely consistent, and virtually every casino that offers them enables players to participate in genuinely high quality gaming action. Much of this comes down to the fact that there are only a few providers in the space, especially compared to standard casino games. When the main competition is clear to see, it makes it much easier for companies to ensure that their own offering is up to scratch. Let?s take a look at that and everything else that makes live dealer gaming so special.

A Core of Top Notch Companies

As hinted at above, live dealer games have a lot in common with standard casino games in that they are very rarely provided by the casino itself. Instead, the brands rely on external companies that often specialise only in live action and this makes perfect sense. After all, if a casino simply did not happen to have anyone playing at a live dealer table at any given time, they would still need to pay for the croupier, floor manager and streaming. In pooling resources, casinos can afford to perhaps have limited attendance at their tables at certain times without impact, and that makes it better for players as they will be able to find live action in addition to the core service that they enjoy.

The biggest names in live dealer gaming right now are Evolution Gaming, Ezugi and, somewhat surprisingly, also NetEnt, and the truth of the matter is that there is not actually all that much to choose between them. Their services operate on the core offering of live blackjack, live roulette and live baccarat, and this trio of live games covers basically everything that players would expect to find at any standard land based casino. As long as your end of the bargain is kept up, such as having an internet connection that supports live streaming and the hardware to do the same, you can expect a true quality service when playing with these names. The core game selection may feel a little limited compared to the virtual games at any given casino, but the costs mentioned above continue to apply and it makes sense that even the market leaders would focus on the most popular games, especially this early in the technology?s life cycle.

Enhanced Live Casino Experiences

While blackjack, baccarat and roulette are to be expected from just about any online casino that offers live games, players with a particular passion for the authentic would be well served by looking even more closely at the best live casinos around. Just as casinos that offer digital games from a number of developers have deposed single-developer offerings as the best places to play, the same can be said of some of the leading live dealer names. Several of our top pick casinos bring together Ezugi and Evolution in one place, while some of the truly top class live casinos offer all of that and more. Amaya, Playtech and Media Live Casino are just some of the names that serve in the next tier below the three stars of the industry and they look to differentiate themselves from the crowd by offering a slightly different or extended selection of live games. When they are added into the mix, players will not just be stuck with the core three games, but will also find live tables featuring a selection of casino poker titles, craps and even keno. William Hill Casino, for example, offers the live gaming experiences of both Evolution Gaming and Playtech, and this gives players the opportunity to pick and choose the best bits of each experience without compromising on any of the inherent gameplay.

What to Look for in Live Play

The number of providers in live action may be relatively limited, but this is no reason at all not to look out for the best possible experience. Here are our tips for finding the live casino that is best suited to your needs:

  • Game selection. The aforementioned core trio is pretty consistent among the various live offerings and we would assume that the majority of players are keen on blackjack and roulette above all others. However, if you do not want to be limited to the most common games, it can be worth looking into some of the lesser known providers in order to meet your gaming needs. At the same time, some providers offer a limited range ? NetPlay TV, for example, offers live roulette and nothing else and this is reflected in the game selections at some of their partner providers.
  • Availability across platforms. Some live casinos are online only, but if you prefer to play on your phone or tablet, it is worth looking out for live action that is compatible with such devices. It is by no means a given at any time, and players may well want to investigate further in order to achieve the most complete gaming experience.
  • Safety and fairness. When the cards are being dealt or the ball being spun in front of you, it can be difficult to have any questions over the fairness of any game. That said, some providers go further than others and actually seek out licenses and independent verification of their own to provide even more satisfaction to players. Extreme Live Gaming, for example, is audited for transparency by eCOGRA in the same way as the virtual games at Microgaming casinos.

Live action is here to stay and can provide some of the most action-packed casino gaming opportunities out there right now. However, players should definitely make the same considerations when choosing where to play as they would with any other kind of casino games, and we touch on the live offerings at the various online casinos throughout our reviews when they are particularly impressive or, conversely, not worth your time.